When you’re raising rabbits there isn’t much to be done when it comes to taking care of the babies.  Does have a unique way of caring for their babies.  They care for them until the babies are able to fend for themselves.  To take care of the babies, you must first take care of the doe.  When the doe is about 25-28 days pregnant she must be either moved into a larger cage equipped with a nestbox or you should place a nestbox in her cage.

The most common nestboxes are made of wood, but you can also purchase metal nestboxes that are more sterile and easier to clean.  Fill the nestbox with hay.  The doe will start pulling fur from her belly to line the box with.  This provides the babies with insulation and warmth.  After she gives birth, she will keep the babies completely covered in fur and hay when she is not in the box with them.  It is very important that the babies stay warm, if they get chilled at all they could die easily.

The doe will feed her babies for 6-8 weeks so your only concern should be feeding the doe a proper diet.  Feeding the doe a healthy diet will ensure she produces enough milk for her babies.  For the first few days you will want to check on the babies regularly.  If the doe is feeding them properly, they will look like they swallowed a ping pong ball.  If not their stomachs will look shrunk and wrinkly.  Also check to make sure they aren’t tangled with any hair and just check that they are warm and appear healthy.

If for some reason the doe isn’t feeding them, you can supplement with kitten formula that can be found at just about any general department store.  Goat milk is the best supplement if you have access to it.  If you’re raising rabbits, it’s usually a good idea to stagger breedings so you have another rabbit that is almost ready to wean her babies.  If one doe doesn’t feed hers, you will have a surrogate that can nurse them.  Rabbits must also be warm to be able to eat.  If the babies aren’t staying warm enough, you can place a heating pad underneath the nestbox to keep them warmer.